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Quail Lodge Update

First of all, we would like to say “Quail Lodge is on fire!”  There is currently only 1 active listing and 4 properties in escrow. There have been 8 sales in Quail Lodge ranging from $615,000-$2,092,500 since the beginning of the year.


7012 Valley Greens Cir.                  $2,7950,000


7020 Valley Greens Dr.  #19         $750,000              7026 Valley Greens Cir. #3         $785,000

8061 Lake Pl.                                 $1,295,000            7064 Fairway Pl.                         $1,850,000


7020 Valley Greens Dr. #5            $625,000


7020 Valley Greens Dr. #13         $615,000              7020 Valley Greens Dr. #20          $630,000

7020 Valley Greens Dr. #9            $800,000             7069 Valley Greens Dr.                  $880,000

8006 River Pl.                               $1,150,000           8013 River Pl.                                $1,175,000

7082 Valley Greens Cir.                $1,650,000           7034 Valley Greens Cir.                $2,092,500

We were so surprised by these numbers that we pulled up some stats from 2005 (the height of the market) and to our surprise there had been 7 sales (1 less than this year) and there were 5 listings (4 more than this year) in the first quarter. This information clearly shows Quail Lodge is highly sought after and is possibly on track to surpass 2005’s sales!

2014 Realtor Expo


Expo photo


Last week Tina and I had the pleasure of melting in the heat I mean attending the Annual Realtor Convention in Anaheim! It was pretty awesome to be around that much buzzing energy, you could hear people making deals on their cell phones while walking from one conference room to the other- very Million Dollar Listing if I do say so myself. Speaking of Bravo-lites, you’ll never guess who was there….

Madison Hildebrand!!! *Que cheers* He was interviewing world-renowned celebrity interior designer Thom Filicia. We had decided to take the class “Sell-ready Style Guide” since we stage most of our listings ourselves. It never hurts to brush up on what the latest trends are! I digress, anyway, we walk in to the room and low and behold we see our favorite Million Dollar Listing LA Realtor! It was such an amazing surprise. Someone even brought their poodle in to watch, very “Beverly Hills darling chi chi chi”.

Also, we went to an awesome economic forecasting seminar, what an incredible and informative class that was! Not only did we learn about Monterey County but we learned about the entire state of California as well! We can’t wait to tell you what the forecast is! Stay tuned for a follow up on how to stage your home and what we learned in the economic forecasting seminar!


Tina & Phylicia